Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan

There are a lot of  Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan so if you are going there for holiday, you will have no problem finding one that suits you perfectly. This is because Rajasthan has always been a big tourist destination visited by thousands of people everyday. Here, you can find some of the world’s best and most luxurious hotels, along with most other types of accommodations. Whatever you need, Rajasthan has you covered.

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According to a recent survey, there are a total of 8441 hotels in Rajasthan, which come in all shapes and sizes. These include 5 star hotels, business hotels, heritage hotels, boutique hotels and budget hotels. Many of these offer huge discounts and add-ons in the off-season or when occupancy is low and inventory is high. By doing a little bit of research on hotels, you can find the perfect place for a vacation, getaway or escape at a price that satisfies the palate but also the wallet.

One of the most popular type of Hotel in Rajasthan is the “Heritage Property.” These are authentic historical monuments that have been restored and remodeled to accommodate guests in a 5 star setting. Since a lot of people come to Rajasthan to experience its beautiful forts and palaces, the best way to see this ancient land and get a feel for its culture is to stay at a heritage property that is fun to explore in itself.

Types of Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan

Lets take a look at the different types of hotels that are available to tourists in Rajasthan and the advantages and disadvantages that they have. Depending on your tastes, preferences and the purpose of your visit, you can choose a hotel that has the ideal location, is within your budget and offers the experience that you are looking for.

Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan: These are usually newly built properties made in the modern style. They offer an efficient and smooth experience to guests but do not provide a representative experience of Rajasthani culture and heritage. They are ideal for those who are coming here for a short trip and want to spend time in a luxurious setting without taking the risk of exploring an unknown hospitality brand.

Business Hotels: Smart and sophisticated, the average business hotel provides a quick and efficient stay for guests with few frills and many facilities for guests who come to Rajasthan for work. These hotels usually have a well-made Business Center, Free Wifi all over the property, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms and more.

Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan: If you are visiting Rajasthan for a holiday, it is best to stay at an authentic heritage property. There are many such hotels in Rajasthan that are built within a restored historical structure such as old forts, palaces and havelis. Many of these heritage hotels offer excellent service and great facilities for a smooth and culturally enriching stay.

Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan

Boutique Hotels: There are also a lot of stand alone boutique hotels in Rajasthan that provide a personal touch for travellers looking for new experiences. They usually offer innovative designs, modern amenities and bespoke hospitality for seasoned travellers willing to experiment. Since they are not part of a chain, the quality of your stay depends on the individual hotel and its management.

Budget Hotels: You can also find a lot of hotels, guesthouses and rooms in Rajasthan that offer accommodations on a budget. The prices at some of these hotels are very interesting but one has to be careful. While some of these are genuine and worth checking out, they usually lack the basic amenities and facilities required by out-of town travellers.

Where to Stay

One of the best Heritage hotels in Rajasthan is Dadhikar Fort in Alwar. This is a heritage property that has been restored and converted into a 5 star hotel. The property has luxurious rooms, a rooftop restaurant and a well-equipped Business Center along with plenty of activities and experiences for a comfortable stay and an interesting travel experience.

The Dadhikar Fort is also ideally located away from the main city for a peaceful and serene environment. It is the perfect place from which to explore Alwar and all the tourist attractions in the region such as the Sariska Tiger Reserve, the Prehistoric Rock Paintings in Hajipur Dadhikar, the hot springs at Kalpavriksha and more.

Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan

The Hotel has many activities within its walls so that guests who do not prefer to venture out will not get bored. They can play tennis, Badminton, table Tennis, go for tours, go on camel rides, take treks, sign up for cooking classes or simply explore the property on their own. If you are looking for something specific, the staff is always ready to be of assistance.

Not only is the Dadhikar Fort a historic home of royalty, it continues the tradition of impeccable service, immaculate surroundings and the feudal spirit that so endears travelers to Rajasthan. The staff at Dadhikar Fort is well trained and well versed in modern hospitality so that your sty can be truly enjoyable and stress free. The service at Dadhikar is probably the most important quality that makes it one of the best hotels to check into when you visit Rajasthan.