Celebrating Love: Ideal Destination Wedding Venues Near Delhi

Destination weddings are firmly in fashion now and everyone seems to be looking for great destinations around Delhi. While there are many places where you can host a destination wedding near Delhi, its hard to choose one that is appropriate and to your liking. In this blog, we will look at some pointers that you should keep in mind when choosing a venue for a destination wedding and will also narrow down our search to one property that fulfills all the criteria.

Destination weddings have been gaining popularity because they offer an enhanced wedding experience for guests as well as the lucky couple that is away from their hometown and everyday hassles. Guests and hosts can fully enjoy all the events at the wedding and can also take a mini-vacation with friends and family. Also, this allows for all the different functions to take place in a few days and alleviates the stress of a long wedding.

best Destination Wedding near Delhi

The hardest and perhaps the most important decision to take when hosting a destination wedding is the destination. Once you know where you are getting married, the resort will take care of everything else as per your requirements. This makes choosing the destination the single most important decision to make and therefore, you should consider all your options carefully and choose wisely. Let’s take a look at some important points to remember:

How to choose the ideal destination for a destination wedding

Distance from Hometown: You should ideally pick a location that is away from your hometown but not too far. If your destination is very far away, you may have trouble organizing the event as you would have to travel there multiple times. Your guests may also face difficulties in getting there if the destination is too far away and hard to reach.

Away from the city: Unless you want to go from one city to the next, you should choose a destination that is away from any heavily populated urban areas so that you can have some peace and calm during the events. A destination that is in a secluded and naturally beautiful area will undoubtedly have its own charm and will make the occasion even more magical and special.

 Ethnic and traditional setting:Instead of choosing a modern and contemporary hotel, it may be wiser to hold the wedding in a place that has a timeless and classic feel to it. If your venue is modern, traditional decorations and outfits may look out-of-place and incongruous in comparison. This is why heritage properties such as restored old forts and palaces are perfect.

destination weddig in Alwar

Good venues:The place where the wedding functions will be held should be carefully studied and scrutinized to ensure that they are suitable for the event and will look good after decorations. Some venues are great but have distracting features that renders them unsuitable for a large gathering.

Spacious Rooms:The comfort and convenience of your guests is all important during a wedding. If they are not well settled in their rooms, they will not enjoy the wedding. Therefore, you should pick a hotel that has spacious and well-fitted rooms so that your guests can be contented and the children are well looked after. Guests should also have enough space to gather and celebrate if they want.

Experience in Weddings:There are some things you can only learn from experience. Make sure that the resort or venue has adequate experience hosting destination weddings before you book. An experienced resort or hotel will know all the ins and outs of hosting a perfect event and are therefore preferred over venues that specialize in corporate events or other types of activities.

A good destination in Rajasthan

There is one heritage property in Rajasthan that checks off all the right boxes. This is fort Dadhikar, located near the city of Alwar in Rajasthan. It is a beautiful fort set atop a hill that overlooks magnificent green countryside. The property is over 1100 years old and has been converted into a heritage hotel along with all the amenities and facilities that you can expect from a world-class property.

Dadhikar Fort has the right look and feel for a culturally enriching and aesthetically pleasing event. It reeks of tradition and old world charm that creates the right mood for a wedding. Its thick stonewalls and ancient designs suggest solidity and perseverance while its magnificent views give it a stately and regal air.

Destination Wedding near Delhi

There have been some spectacular destination weddings at Dadhikar Fort and the results have been amazing. When it is fully decorated and lit up, the fort can be a magnificent sight in its own right. The venues at the fort are also very well conceived and provide easy flow of guests and adequate space for a big stage. The famous Rajasthani hospitality and impeccable food make it the perfect place to have your dream destination wedding.