Alwar Tourist Places That You Must Visit This Year

This winter, take a trip to Alwar in Rajastan and transport yourself to an earlier time. Immerse yourself in the world-renowned spirit of Rajasthani hospitality and discover prehistoric artworks that will fire up your imagination. You can also sample traditional Rajastani cuisine that will serenade your taste buds with local spices and traditional delicacies are are fit for royalty. You will definitely find yourself enchanted by the colorful outfits and intricate designs that are seen here in this magical state.

You can travel to Alwar by yourself, with your family or in a big group as Alwar is very safe and has something for everyone. It is a very family friendly destination as children loves old forts and palaces. You can also come her with friends as the area around Alwar city is very peaceful and beautiful and has several great tourist attractions that are fun to visit with other people. From temples to modern malls and from roadside shops to luxurious restaurants, Rajasthan has it all.

The Best Alwar Tourist Places

Alwar has some amazing tourist attractions that will make your trip a roaring success. If you are staying in Alwar for a week or even for a couple of weeks, there is so much to do here and so many tourist places to see that you can never get bored. Lets take a look at the best and most interesting things to do in Alwar on your trip. While there are many options, these are the most popular places that you simply cant miss.

Rock painting: Recently, some rock paintings have been discovered around Alwar in a village called Hajjipur that are creating shockwaves in the world of archaeology. The paintings are over 6000 years old and are said to be even older than the Egyptian and Greek civilizations. This means that this place was home to one of the first civilizations in the world and that some of the ancient artwork and traditions have survived all the way to the modern age.

Company Garden: Located in the center of the city is a beautiful garden and public space that is expertly made and has been maintained proficiently through the years. With a unique architecture and mesmerizing geometric shapes, it is always fun to visit this place for jogging, kite flying, exercising, walking or picnicking.

 Dadhikar Fort: It is one of the best tourist places in Alwar is the large fort in its outskirts that was built over 1100 years ago. The majestic fort is now a heritage property with excellent facilities, amazing food and guest rooms for those who want to stay there. Guests can explore this ancient monument to their hearts content and also get a taste for life in ancient times. From here, one gets great views of the surrounding areas.

best places to stay in Alwar

Sariska: The famous and pristine natural habitat of tigers, Sariska is only a short drive away from Alwar. You can reach it easily and go on safari from 6 am to 10 pm in your own car or in a rented jeep. The deep jungles of Sariska are fascinating, especially to nature lovers and provides plenty of opportunity for spotting a lot of different animals including bug predator cats. Inside the jingle, there is an ancient temple that is worth visiting as it has some beautiful carvings and is set in an especially nice location.

Where to stay

When you come to Alwar, you should stay at the Dadhikar Fort  for the best experience here. From the fort, you can visit all the other attractions easily and also get sufficient time to explore the fort. The staff here is very helpful and knowledgeable about the history and architecture of the fort but also about the local culture, traditions and many stories and folklore about the old site. The guest rooms are impeccable decorated and adorned with all facilities for a comfortable stay.

Alwar Attractions

The fort hosts large groups, events and destination weddings regularly and is well equipped to make any trip a memorable travel experience. It has 2 great venues that can be booked for parties and events and are decorated in a manner that is both impressive and stunning. When fully decked up and lighted, the area around the fort looks very iconic and is a prime example of the beauty of ancient Indian architecture.

The Fort only has 18 guest rooms but each of the rooms are extremely spacious and elegantly decorated. Instead of staying in a five star hotel, this gives you a more grounded and memorable experience that illustrates the culture and style of the region. Some of the rooms have multiple levels and bedrooms that are ideal for bigger groups and families. If you decide to stay at Dadhikar, you should check out the different options on their website and choose one that fits your needs and captures your fancy.