Explore Most Amazing Places to visit in Alwar

Rajasthan is a beautiful state in India and widely considered to be one of the most tourist-friendly places to visit. While most people usually visit Jaipur, the best way to explore Rajasthan is to see the smaller townships and rural areas to experience the grassroots, unadulterated way of life here and to pick up a more authentic travel experience in Rajasthan. One such city is Alwar, a lesser-known jewel that is worth visiting as there are a lot of interesting places to see here.

You can plan a solo trip to Alwar or come here with family. The entire area and the attractions here are very family-friendly and offer a great experience for children and youngsters to learn about the heritage of the country. You can drive to Alwar from Delhi is less than 4 hours, making it the perfect destination for an impromptu road trip.

Best places to visit in Alwar

Siliserh Palace: This palace is located next to the Alwar Lake and was built in 1945 by Maharaja Vinay Singh. It was originally a hunting lodge where the Maharaja would entertain guests and go hunting, it is a popular tourist destination today that is fun to explore and learn about.  The palace now has been converted into a heritage hotel with a good café and restaurant that is worth visiting.

Places to visit in Alwar

Alwar City palace: Located in the middle of the city, this is the main palace in Alwar and perhaps the most visited spot here. The palace is symbolic of the city and features some beautiful marble inlay work, tall observation towers and impressive architecture that is a mix of Persian, Indian and European influences.

Bazaza bazar: A stylish and ethnic market in Alwar, Bazaza Bazar has really come up recently to become a popular hotspot in Alwar. Since this is a wholesale market for fabric, textiles, handicrafts and sarees, the prices here are quite cheap and the quality ii genuine. From silk sarees to Zardozi dresses, one can pick up a lot of interesting items here. The market is located in the center of the city and is very convenient in terms of transportation, refreshments, amenities etc.

Sarafa Bazaar Jewelry Market: This is a famous jewelry market in Alwar where one can buy gold and diamond jewelry along with a galaxy of precious and semiprecious stone, intricate local designs and heirloom production processes. Even if you are not in the market for jewelry and ornaments, you should visit this place for its energy and other attractions.

Churi Market: Named after the colorful bangles that are popular in the region, the Churi Market is a famous place for women to shop for imitation jewelry, semiprecious stones, Churis of all kinds, footwear and other items used in traditional attire and home decorations. The area is quite chaotic and lively but seasoned shoppers will not have any problems finding some good bargains here.

Company Garden: this is a famous garden in the city of Alwar that was designed in the 17th century but still retains its charm. The garden has lush green covering and a geometric design that belies an advanced system of construction and a higher appreciation for the natural world. Also called Company Bagh, this is a great place to wander around and explore for visitors.

Fateh Jung Gumbad: This is a well-made 5 story tomb built in the Mughal style but incorporating Rajasthani motifs. The tomb has intricate carvings, high domes and tall minarets, making it a popular place for history buffs and nature lovers alike. Built in the 18th century, the structure is still standing today and looks astounding.

Where to stay in Alwar

The best palace to stay in Alwar is the Dadhikar Fort. This is a historic monument and tourist attraction that you can stay in and examine at leisure. You can also relive the old world glory and luxury of Rajasthan that is well known throughout the world. The rooms here are very regal and spacious while the surroundings are pristine and majestic. From the balconies of the rooms, one can see the vast undulating landscape dotted by mountains.

best places to stay in Alwar

The service at Dadhikar Fort is also very good and the staff is very happy to help in every way. The food menu consists mainly of traditional Rajasthan dishes but you can also get international fare and continental dishes here. If you have already explored the fort and are simply looking to relax in a nice environment, you can come here in a big group or with family for a fun and eventful vacation or weekend that you wont soon forget.