Sparkling Start: Uncover the Best New Year Celebration Spots Near Delhi

As 2023 draws to a close, everyone has already started making plans for New Years Eve. Apart from the standard clubs and restaurants, many hotels and resorts in beautiful destinations are also planning big New Years Eve celebrations, as people are looking forward to “partying with a vengeance” after the dry spell of the pandemic. This year, why not bring in the New Year with a bang with your friends, family or colleagues? In this blog, we will examine the best ways to celebrate this global event and also the best venue for the night.

What makes New Years Eve so special is that it is one of those rare events that are universally loved and celebrated. Regardless of race, religion and nationality, almost everyone in every culture is cognizant of this change in calendar and marks it in one way or the other.

Best New Year Celebration Places Near Delhi

There are many different ways to celebrate New Years but some traditions are almost universal. The countdown to midnight, kissing someone you love in the first moments of the new year, sipping Champaign, lighting fireworks, making new years resolutions and praying are some of the cherished traditions common to every culture, even though everyone celebrates in their own way. Lets take a look at some popular ways to celebrate the event:

Ways to celebrate on New Years Eve

Party: This is perhaps the most popular and common way to spend the midnight hours of December 31. Young people are especially drawn to large dance parties with a DJ and flashing lights as they throw caution to the wind and enter the New Year in a wildly festive mood. While this is the traditional way to mark the holiday, it can be dangerous and cumbersome, epically for women and older adults.

Dinner: Another popular way to spend NYE is to go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant in a small group. Most restaurants have a special package designed for this occasion, which includes shows and other entertainment for a fixed, all-inclusive price. Most restaurants offer a special and lavish spread for the dinner buffet but often times end up accepting more guests than they can handle. Also, while every restaurant has a specific client type, on NYE, the crowd can be eclectic and varied, which may not be to everyone’s liking.

Family Time: Families, especially those with young children can’t go out partying and often take this opportunity to spend some quality time with close family around a festive dinner. They play games and educate children about the event and watch fireworks from the balcony or on TV. While this is apt for new parents, it may not be exciting enough for their friends and relatives.

Getaway: Many people prefer to leave the city during New Years Eve as the streets are notoriously dangerous due to drunk drivers and overexcited partygoers. Instead of navigating the chaos, they prefer to spend New Years Eve with the people they care about in a setting that is pleasing to them. They spend this time reminiscing about the year gone by and making plans and setting goals for the year ahead. This is by far the safest, best and most sophisticated way of spending the last day of the year.

Nothing: A small but vociferous group of people refuses to make special plans for NYE, insisting that the day is just a change in calendar and nothing special. They treat the day like any other and stay home watching TV and going to bed before midnight. While this view is understandable, NYE is nevertheless a popular event and an opportunity to connect with others.

Where to celebrate New Years Eve

Of all the options listed above, a quiet and peaceful getaway to a private celebration tops the list. To do this, you must plan early, choose a suitable destination and make early bookings as many properties fill up fast. The ideal location is one that is close by but affords time away in a beautiful setting. One such destination is Fort Dadhikar in Rajasthan.

Fort Dadhikar is located near the city of Alwar and can be reached easily by car in only 4 hours. It is also an authentic and historic monument that dates back more than 1100 years. With majestic walls and sprawling guest rooms, the fort is the perfect place for a well-planned and stylish retreat as a couple or in a group. The terrace restaurant has truly amazing views of the surrounding hills and will undoubtedly feature a special dinner and program on New Years Eve.

Best New Year Celebration Spots Near Delhi

The guest rooms are so large that they can accommodate multiple families and can also be used to host private parties serviced by the capable and warm staff at the fort. With many different types of rooms and suites to choose from including rooms with balconies, you can celebrate the coming of the new year exactly the way you want and with whom you like.