Weekend Getaway near Gurgaon

We only get one life and it’s a shame to waste it in all one place. When the weather is good and the road beckons, it is advisable to heed that call and head out for a refreshing and rejuvenating journey that will reawaken the life force within us with a change of scenery. If you live in Gurgaon, there are a host of inviting places in Rajasthan that are well worth visiting.

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One such destination in Rajasthan is Dadhikar Fort. An ancient and intriguing structure near Alwar, the Fort offers an interesting travel experience because it is maintained as a heritage property that allows you to stay inside its walls. The spacious rooms that were originally used to house royal guests are now fully renovated for guests to spend a comfortable and enriching weekend at a thousand year old monument.

How to get there

Dadhikar Fort is only about two and a half hours away from Gurgaon, making it a great destination for a rod trip. The highways in Rajasthan are very good and the trip will be a breeze for experienced road trippers. As always, you should start early in the morning on Saturday or Friday if possible and quickly depart Gurgaon for the open road. There are a number of good places at the edge of Gurgaon where you can make your first stop for breakfast.

On your way to Dadikar, you should try not to take too many stops. Simply blaze a trail for the hotel and aim to arrive around 1 pm, the standard check in time for guests. As you see the fort emerge from the horizon, you will realize why this ancient architectural wonder was once at the heart of a massive empire that ruled Rajasthan.

Once you have checked in and settled down in your room, you can have a nice lunch at the fort consisting of local delicacies prepared in the traditional style using fresh, locally grown ingredients. After a great meal, you can rest for sometime before checking out some of the interesting sights around the fort.

Places to visit around Dadhikar

Perhaps the most interesting sight around Dadhikar are the rock paintings found near the village of Hajjipur. These paintings are over 5000 years old and considered to be the earliest artwork found in the region. They point towards a prehistoric civilization here that was most probably centered around Dadhikar and was advanced enough to create structured art.

Besides the Rock Paintings, one can also visit the nearby town of Alwar. Here, there are many interesting shops that sell amazing artwork and handicrafts that are still made using the ancient techniques that were honed to perfection in the region. There are also some notable restaurants and monuments in Alwar worth checking out.

If you have the time, you can also visit the nearby Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, you will find a wonderfully preserved forest and ecosystem along with a chance to spot some big game such as leopards and tigers. There are also some religious and historical structures here worth checking out for the ardent historian.

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There is another fort here near Dadhikar called the Bala Kila that is also worth visiting, If you like forts and interested in medieval architecture, this fort offers some fascinating features that are interesting to learn about. With massive walls and impressive towers, the fort offers an incisive look at the history and heritage of this area.

If you like to visit water bodies, you can visit the Siliserh Lake and the Jai Samand Lake, both of which offer a serene and peaceful environment along with stunning views and medieval structures. You can go boating, fishing, trekking and enjoy other water sports here or simply trek around the area.

Where to stay

If you are visiting Dadhikar Fort, the best place to stay in Alwar. The rooms here have been thoroughly restored and renovated to give guests all the creature comforts that are found at the best heritage properties in the world along with incredible views and the ability to explore the fort at anytime.

Hotels in Rajasthan

The fort offers three categories of rooms including deluxe rooms, club rooms and suites, all of which are all remarkable in their own right. Depending on the size of your party and your needs, you can choose the room best suited for you. The fort’s website has a detailed description of the rooms along with a list of features and amenities.

Besides great accommodations, Fort Dadhikar also has great food that can be enjoyed at their in-house restaurant or ordered for in-room dining. The service here is also very good and in line with the highly refined Rajasthani tradition of hospitality that has made it a preferred destination for travelers from all over the world.